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The FREE Trial

Enjoy up to 30 days in FREE Gourmet Coffee in your own workplace at the push of a button. No mess, No hassels and best of all, No Cost for ...

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Coffee Bean Bullet

Our Service

Office Barista is a full service solution, meaning there is nothing for your business to maintain or buy. Office Barista on site service includes ...

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Coffee Bean Bullet

Environmentally Friendly

There is virtually no trash, our machine grinds whole beans from the internal hopper. Unlike other coffee machines, there is no ...

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Coffee Bean Bullet

The Best Tasting Coffee

Our coffee is Delicious! The Office Barista system uses the proper water pressure and temperature so you won’t be able to ...

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Coffee Bean Bullet

Gourmet Coffee Selections

Office Barista can deliver up to 16 different hot, delicious, freshly made beverages including Espresso, Café Americano ...

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Coffee Bean Bullet

How We Save You Money

The key to any businesses' profitability is the productivity of its employees. Today’s workforce wants ...

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Our Machines

Series 125 Touch

Why Us?

  • NO Contract

  • NO Delivery Charge

  • NO Installation Charge

  • Convenience

  • Coffee Fresh From The Bean!

  • Hassle-Free

  • Absolutely No Cost To You!

Why Choose Our Service?

With our service you can provide many different selections of espresso-style coffee including Mochaccino, Cappuccino, Bold Coffee, Mild Coffee, Caffe Latte, Espresso, Double Espresso, Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Vanilla Latte, Hot Chocolate, Chai Tea, Hazelnut, English Coffee.
By getting their specialty coffee on site your employees and customers will be thrilled by the convenience of incredibly fresh coffee at their fingertips. With convenience also comes higher productivity, service and satisfaction in your workplace.
Our gourmet coffee service is a win-win proposition. We provide the machine, cleaning, maintenance, and keep your machine filled with top quality supplies.

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